PockBitBlum, Inc. Launches & Job-Seeker Resources!


Welcome to PBB, Inc.! The name literally means “a flower blooms”! Your career is a plant that should be watered & nurtured, so, why would you not give yourself plentiful options & avenues to do so?!

We are a small WFH Call-Center based-out of South Carolina. Here, we offer unique opportunities & ways to resume-build! We offer resume-services along with life-coaching to help the seeker remain encouraged during their job-search! Our opportunities are contractor, 1099 positions that are flexible, but require 20HRS. per week dedication! These are unique WFH opportunities that can be used as a supplement or FT opportunities, depending on how many hours you work or choose not to work around the 20HR. mark. Our agents must be able to submit to a background-check, provide their own equipment, and be self-motivated.

Welcome to the GRAND OPENING LAUNCH of PBB, Inc. & please reach-out if you have any questions!

Also, we will soon open-up for other companies to use us as a way to find talent for remote-work only online. Please inquire using our company e-mail <b>pockbitbluminc@gmail.com</b>.

Other resources for agents include links & our own Company Supported Support Forum!

Happy Searching!

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